Hydrogen Compression Skids and Dispensers

BTICI offers Hydrogen Process Gas Compression Skids which includes packaged compression and dispensing system within 40’ skids.

Hydrogen Dispensers.

BTICI, an established developer and manufacturer of industrial-grade gas compression systems, has successfully completed the manufacturing, testing, installation and PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization) approval for the first domestically-built hydrogen dispenser in India. This project and its successful introduction are a significant milestone in acceleration of hydrogen technology development in India.

BTICI’s hydrogen refuelling dispensers offers the markets most compact footprint and a simple user-friendly and safe design gives the users a good experience. The dispenser is designed solely for use with hydrogen and includes a very high accuracy of dispensed mass measurement. Dispensers are available for fuelling of both 350 bar and 700 bar vehicles using infrared communication to secure a fast and safe fuelling of the vehicle.

This dispenser, which is capable of filling tanks at 350 bar pressure, features two nozzles for light and heavy-duty vehicles and a third nozzle for the future addition of 700 bar hydrogen dispensing. It also integrates a cascading system and pre-cooling protocols specified through international codes and standards. We are also offering Hydrogen-CNG / Hydrogen refuelling dispensers

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