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BTIC is a professionally managed custom fabrication company based out of Pennsylvania, USA providing all facets of custom metal fabrication – Design and modeling, manufacturing, assembly, surface preparation, coating and quick delivery. By handling all production disciplines within our fully-integrated shop, we offer our customers the most efficient fabrication solutions.

At BTIC, we are committed to bringing your vision to life by delivering high-quality parts and assemblies in the most efficient and timely manner. We are a fast-growing business offering value-added, cost-effective manufacturing and engineering support to our customers around the world.

Our Story

BTI Coopermatics Inc. is a joint venture between Bethlehem Technik Inc. (BTI) and Coopermatics Filtration Systems Inc.

Bethlehem Technik Inc. (BTI) was established in 2009 with its roots in Pennsylvania, managing multiple custom fabrication projects across the USA. The brand had proven expertise in the manufacture of biotech equipment, cryogenic vessels, piping, process skid assemblies, ASME code vessels, valve panels and assemblies.

Coopermatics Filtration Systems Inc. had been providing filtration solutions for over 50 years, serving customers all over the globe. The company pioneered in manufacturing pre-coat industrial filtration systems for industrial applications such as grinding, honing, super finishing, edible oil, EDM oil, biodiesel and numerous other processes.

The joint venture allowed us to expand our reach to customers across the globe and tap into new industrial markets. Over a span of 13 years, we were able to hone our craft to deliver better quality parts and assemblies and expand our range of products and services. BTIC is now a globally established business with multiple subsidiary brands under its belt offering value-added engineering products and solutions to customers all over the world.

Piping Spools

BTIC Advantage

Global Service

With facilities and supply chains strategically placed in USA and India, BTIC is able to ensure faster delivery no matter where your operations are located and offer round-the-clock support from our esteemed team of professionals for guidance and assistance. Located near the port in India gives us a huge competitive advantage to facilitate faster shipment.


Keeping all fabrication projects in-house, we closely monitor each stage of production and adhere to stringent quality norms, ensuring the best results and timely deliveries. With each project, we are in a state of constant and uncompromising advancement toward quality. We work with the highest integrity with each fabrication project customized to your industry standard and customized to the unique specifications of your equipment.


Our decentralized management business model empowers employees at all levels to excel in their areas of expertise, adapt and respond quickly to their specific regional markets and industry conditions. Our team at BTIC is equipped to take on your most challenging assembly designs and churn out top-of-the-line process equipment.

Competitive Pricing

Our decade-long journey has constantly been about discovering new ways to make industrial technology accessible and affordable. When we make manufacturing more affordable and accessible, we bridge the gap between demand and supply. We aim to offer value-added manufacturing support to expedite quick, high-quality fabrication solutions for various industries across the globe.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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